2020 Quarterly Goal Planning!

The new year has officially been rung in - and I've got to ask... are you setting resolutions this year?? Instagram has been filled with so many anti-resolution posts. I'm seeing things that are more ideas for lifestyle changes versus "resolutions". Personally, Goal setting/planning is way more my jam than resolutions. So today I'm sharing how I am going into this new year with 2020 Quarterly Goal Planning!

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2020 Quarterly Goal Planning

Since there are very specific steps to goal planning (at least how I like to) I will just outline the process so it's easy for you to read + implement as it works for you! 

Go grab a blank piece of paper (or 3!!) so we can get to your 2020 Quarterly Goal Planning!

Identify the goals you want to meet in the coming year

 Yes, we are doing some Quarterly Goal Planning... this is just the beginning:).

Your goals can be anything from getting better fitness habits in place to becoming a better meal planner. Whatever you are hoping to accomplish in 2020, list it out at the top of your paper.


Sort Goals into Quarter to accomplish

 Look at all those goals you have for 2020 and decide when you want to attempt to check them as complete - or even make some serious progress on them!

The quarters are as follows: Q1 (Jan-Mar), Q2 (Apr-Jun), Q3 (Jul-Sept), Q4 (Oct-Dec). Go ahead and write the quarters below your yearly goals and assign each yearly goal to a quarter throughout the year. 

Figure out Tasks to Accomplish Goals

 Just because we throw goals onto a piece of paper, doesn't mean that they will magically get accomplished. There is work to be done if we want to meet those goals. So this step involves figuring out exactly the things YOU need to do to meet your goals.

If you have a goal of creating better fitness habits, maybe you need to pick a specific program you are going to work through. Or decide exactly which days of the week you will be working out, what you will be doing, and have your clothes laid out ahead of time! 

List out Goals by Quarter and list specific Goal's Tasks below each goal

This is where you really get to begin to see those big goals, broken down into manageable, workable tasks! These Tasks that you've identified can then be written down into your weekly planner so that you are always working towards the bigger goal - even if you are only focusing on one small piece of the puzzle! 

Write goals into your weekly planner and become a #momboss Goal Slayer!! 



 So... what are you doing for your 2020 Quarterly Goal Planning!??!! I'd love to hear!!