Use themed “days of the week” to be more productive

There are days when you likely feel like you have 1,437,392 things to do - amiright?! 

How to Simplify Your Weekly Schedule

I know I can’t be the only one out there that feels like the “to-dos” of life can begin to take over every spare moment you’ve ever dreamed of! 

Sometimes the overwhelming feeling all those “to-dos” give you can leave you completely paralyzed as to where to start. let alone stay on top of the list.

But I’m here to tell you, as a mom to 5, it’s totally possible to handle your daily tasks & to-dos. And not feel like a crazy-exhausted mess at the end of the day. 


So how exactly can you be productive as a busy mom???

By giving every day of your week a theme

What I mean is, one day might be your laundry day, while another is your paperwork day, and another you run errands, and so on. 

Here is an example of what my week looks like, along with the tasks that I do...

Monday: Planning Day

I like to take Monday’s to plan out the week. While I realize most people would do this on Sunday, Monday works for me so that Sunday can be left for time with my people. 

Printable Weekly Planner

Tuesday: Errand Day 

Because I am usually up & ready, and out the door early taking kids to school on Tuesdays, I like to just get all the things I need to take care out of the way quickly!

Tuesdays work best for me for running all the errands!


Wednesday: Home Blessing Hour (Cleaning)

This is adapted from - she really has a great system for cleaning. And I think it can even be doable for busy families, which is pretty amazing!!

I’ve included an app for her cleaning routines on my List of Favorite Apps for Busy Moms. 


Basically, there are 6-7 tasks that you take an hour to complete. So, roughly 8-10 minutes per task. These cleaning tasks are generally things you aren’t doing every single day.

Such as:

and so on. These are examples of what I do - but you could totally create your own version of this doing the tasks you see fit. 


Thursday: Paperwork day

We all have a daily influx of paper, and it’s important to schedule a time to just deal with it (even if I don’t feel like it!!).

So Thursday’s are the day that works best for that! 

The paperwork items I tackle on Thursday’s include:

  • paying bills
  • balancing checkbook and budget
  • sorting through short-term files**
  • long-term filing** 
  • Anything else that needs review or to be dealt with from my short term files.
**Check out My Favorite Products Recommendation page for Filing!!** 

    Friday: My Day!!!

    My hubby has Friday’s off, which is super fun because ALL 5 of our kids are in school for a portion of that time. So that means we can either go on a date, or I can get some work done🙌🏻

    My Day usually includes:

    • Time with Hubby
    • Catch-up on work (hubby is watching the littles, so I get focused time!)
    • Anything that is just for me, like getting my hair done, or even thrifting!! 

    Friday’s are more about what I want to do than what I need to do!! 


    Giving each day of the week a theme or plan can help you create some focus and motivation for your day, without stressing out about all the “other stuff you have to do”.  And because you already have a day set aside for those other to-dos!!

    Creating a weekly schedule and daily routine becomes SO MUCH EASIER when each day already has a "theme"!

    Grab some a FREE Planner in the Printables Resource Library Below


    Think about what you need to accomplish each week. What are your “themes” going to be??


    Before you know it you’ll be enjoying your coffee hot!! 


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    • When I read the word “theme”, it got my attention and I clicked to see the blog post. Right away I thought about what used to be said about the week: a day for washing, baking, sewing, house cleaning,etc. While reading how you organize your themes and all the tasks to be done, I was impressed. Some people just mention 1 or 2 examples. I really enjoyed reading the post and it made me start thinking about organizing my themes. The only thing is my husband’s day(s) off are not regular. They practically change on a weekly basis. Other than that detail, I think I can make it work! I appreciate that I got to read your blog!

    • This is a great idea. It helps keep you focused and goal oriented without overwhelming your schedule!

    • Yes I love this- we do this at home. Monday is mail day to go through all mail that has been building up and we shred what we don’t need-for example. Makes it so much easier-it just becomes a habit to get tasks done.

    • This sounds like the housewives routine of many years ago. Monday was laundry, Tuesday ironing, Wednesday mending. Thursday cleaning and Friday baking.

      Nancy Davies
    • I really love this idea! I have been really good at procrastinating lately and my to-do list is just getting bigger! I’m off to theme my week… :)

      Julie-Anne England

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