January 2019 Organization Newsletter & Challenge

Hey there! 

With the holidays & another year done, a fresh new year is already here! I can hardly believe it! I hope your holidays were filled with lots of joy!

Whether you are a goal setter, resolution maker or have big dreams, I’m guessing you’ve got some ideas on how you’d like 2019 to go (I’ll be here cheering you on every step of the way!!).

First of all, I want to say thank you for joining the Five + Bright Organization Newsletter. I think we are going to have a lot of fun creating spaces, rooms, schedules and a home that is organized, efficient, and beautiful.
Also, as we work through spaces each month, I’d love to hear how you are doing - so feel free to reply back to any of my emails or tag me on IG @fiveandbright !!
I am truly so excited to see everyone’s progress!!

On to ORGANIZING, amirite???
Our Organization focus for this month, + the beginning of our new year, is.....

Yep, we’re jumping straight in!! I’m guessing you are not filled with shock🤪

This month is going to be all about creating a plan for our Decluttering + Organizing projects & identifying what our motivation will be to continue on in the future.
If you are ready to get to work, print out THESE PRINTABLE WORKSHEETS (click to download), then I’ll explain what we are going to do!
Grab your warm, cozy drink, and a pencil and let’s get started.
I think that many people confuse Decluttering and Organizing as one and the same thing.
While you can’t really have one without the other, they are most definitely different!
And to have, space truly organized - in the “everything has a home and is easy to put away” way, you have to get it (the space) decluttered first.
A lot of us choose to declutter and organize for our New Years resolutions, and that’s great! But it seems that it’s a struggle to get to the Organizing part.
And I believe it’s because of not decluttering entirely (or properly).
I feel the need to preface this all with, I am NOT perfect. I, too, have to make decisions on what comes in our home, and what we will choose to say goodbye to. And they are not always easy decisions!
And that’s okay!!
Progress over perfection, right??!!?
What I’ve found to help with making those decisions, is figuring out WHY exactly I’m doing this decluttering thing. What is it that needs to change?
- Some may feel anxiety because of all.the.things., yet paralyzed about knowing where to start.
- Or maybe you feel like all you do is clean and there’s no time for anything else in your life because you are exhausted.
- Or maybe, you’ve had a change in perspective on “stuff” and you just need a good place to get started.
Whatever it is, if you keep your “why” in the forefront of your thoughts and mind while decluttering, it will make those decisions a little bit easier.
For me, it’s all about time.
Time with my kids, time with my husband, and time for pursuing my interests.
Because I would much rather spend my time with my favorite people, doing things we love to do than spending all my time and energy on stuff.
When I’m working through a space, and keep my why in mind, it causes decision making to be a little bit easier.
Something else to think about when you are going through the decluttering process is asking yourself this:
Where do you want your energy going?? As in, what do you want to spend the bulk of your time on?
Is it doing laundry, cleaning, and various other chores??
Or, is it spending time with your most favorite people, doing the things you love to do??
Because, what tends to happen, at least in my experience, is that when the bulk of my energy is going towards picking up, cleaning, running errands, etc. I have very little energy left for the most important people in my life.
Which means my family isn’t getting the best version of me.
Instead, they get a wife & mom who is tired, frustrated, angry, and just plain DONE. And that is the reason time & family are my why.
If you can relate at all to that, know that I’m truly hopeful that I can help guide you in a direction that makes you feel excited to wake up every morning. Not dread all the things that have to be done.
So lets get down to the business of decluttering!!
You should have received the process I use to declutter any space, but if you don't have it, the last page of the printable worksheets has my 4 step process of Decluttering. This is how I go through each and every room, space, or category when it comes to decluttering. You can use the approach no matter what you are decluttering!
1) First things first, you are going to identify your why. This is a must! I get that it’s an easy step to skip when you just want to get going.

But your why is what’s going to give you the motivation to keep going for the long haul. Getting your home & life decluttered is much more of a marathon, than a sprint. And if you want to make long term changes, you gotta start out the right way

2) You are going to identify up to 3 areas that need some love and attention. *the worksheets will help you decide this!**
3) You are going to create a plan for decluttering those areas!!

You will be determining the amount of time you can devote to decluttering + creating your Decluttering Schedule

And 4) You are going to get to work!!
Here are a few Decluttering Tips I want to leave you with as you get started:
1) Know your why.
Write it down and keep it visible if you need to. Just don’t forget it.
2) Make a plan.
If you want to make changes, make a plan that works with your current life. Don’t try to go crazy and do too much (or you might go crazy!)
3) Keep showing up.
If you’ve made your plan, keep that appointment you’ve made for yourself. The changes can happen, but you have to keep showing up to make them.
I am seriously so excited for this month - and will be working on decluttering right alongside you!!
If you haven’t yet, go print out this month's worksheets (below) and get to work🤗!!
Remember, DECLUTTERING is our focus for this month, but hopefully you now have the tools to help you work through your entire home!!
Organizing all the way!

January 2019 Organization Newsletter Printables (click to download)