March 2019



I have this belief that busy families have 3 areas in their homes that, when decluttered & organized really well, will free up tons of time: the kitchen, the laundry room (clothing), and toys.

Those three spaces need to serve your family well, not be a constant source of frustration & struggle!

This month, we are going to tackle the space that you probably spend the most time in, each & every day!

If you’ve guessed the Kitchen, then you are right, my friend!!

I’m really excited about this month’s organizing challenge because I think you will truly begin to see the benefits of getting the physical spaces of your home organized.

And I’m really hoping that you’ll share with me your progress!! I truly never tire of seeing a before & after when it comes to organized spaces!!

Tag me @fiveandbright on Instagram, or use #fiveandbrightorganizingchallenge in your post - I’m looking forward to this!

The other thing I’m really excited about for this month’s organizing challenge are the checklists (maybe it’s the nerd in me??!!🤓🤣)!!

I’ve got several (5) printables for you to work through and check off as you declutter and organize each area of your kitchen.

These printables will serve as the basic guidelines for going through your kitchen, but, not all kitchens are made the same.

So some of the items that are on the checklists may or may not be in your kitchen. You’ll either skip over the items you need to, or possibly add-on what you need to, to thoroughly work through decluttering and organizing your kitchen.

I hope you have learned my process for Decluttering and Organizing any space, but if not - you can head over and read about it again in this post.

Are you ready to get your Kitchen Decluttered + Organized???

This process can go as quickly or slowly as you want it to! Life happens, so don’t stress out if you can’t get it all done as quickly as you’d like to. But if possible, try to commit to at least 20 minutes per day until you get through your entire kitchen.

**If you are looking for some of my favorite organizing containers to help you get organized #1) Check out my post on how to choose the right container & #2) Go Shop My Favs!!**

You can print out the worksheets (5) by clicking the link below, or Clicking HERE

Don’t forget to tag me on IG @fiveandbright or use #fiveandbrightorganizingchallenge in your posts!!

And as always, feel free to email me with questions or to celebrate your awesomely organized kitchens at!

I can’t wait to see what you can do!!




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